At Karizma, we have skilled and dedicated craftsmanship that utilizes traditional processes to make made-to-fit leather jackets.

We follow a traditional Product Making Process that starts from tanning to product design to pattern design to cutting to stitching and finally pressing and molding.

We always use rawhide extracted from meat-producing animals. The rawhide has to undergo a tanning process in order to convert it into a stable material that cannot decay.

After the tanning process designing the product together with pattern design which is unique for each customer. This is done by highly experienced designers. The designers also work together with our skilled craftsmen to ensure that the final product is best fit for the individual customer.

Then follows professional cutting and stitching all the components together. And finally pressing and molding which is done to give shape to the product.

At Karizma, we are not concerned with mass production, all we really care about is the quality of the leather jacket and made-to-measure. We ensure that the product is unique for each individual customer.

At Karizma, we highly value our craftsmen and we are always dedicated to ensuring that they are treated in the best manner possible and are free from exploitation. Every job done is highly regarded and appreciated.

Quality Assurance

We are concerned about the quality of the product right from the quality of leather to stitching and fixing of final pieces. Every detail in the leather jacket making process is carefully followed thus we do not have room for low-quality products.