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Karizma Moto is a fast growing online luxury leather jacket brand dedicated to providing all types of quality fashion and bike riders’ leather jackets at affordable prices. Based in the city of Sialkot, Pakistan, a town known to produce the finest leathers in the world. Karizma manufactures and distributes elegant leather jackets worldwide. 

Our Brand

Our brand name, Karizma, was inspired by our zeal to provide people of all countries and races with durable and trendy leather jackets that will bring out the charisma in them. “Karizma” is gotten from the English word, “Charisma” which means “a special magnetic charm or appeal which showcases confidence and leadership and arouses special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure.”

Through our brand, we aim to help our clients stand out as confident and charismatic individuals every time they are putting on our jackets.

Our Story; Our Values

Karizma is built on friendship, loyalty and a passion for helping others. Our commitment is shown in how much we value and care for both our craftsmen and our numerous customers all around the world.

Over the years, manufacturers in Sialkot have been making leather jackets for world top brands who exploit their talent at cheap rates and sell the products at exorbitant prices. This leads to the big brands keeping the lion share of the profits, while the craftsmen are not paid fairly. Additionally, little or no care is put into whether the products perfectly fit the customers or not.

The founder, Abdur Rauf, has lived in Sialkot for more than 10 years, working as a product manufacturer and as an international business marketer of sports and leather products. He saw the need to solve these two problems at the same time. He wished to help the local craftsmen gain more for their labor while at the same time, manufacturing and marketing leather jackets that will perfectly fit the users and give them a charismatic appeal.

This burning desire to help the craftsmen, and our customers keep on going, as we thrive on mutual loyalty.

Why Choose Karizma

Leather Jacket

Karizma Leather is all about our customers

We make leather jackets tailored to our customers' specifications and not on general commercial sizing which may work with T-shirts, but not with leather jackets.

Quality Leather

We source our leather from the oldest tanneries which make and export leather to Italy and different parts of the world.

Our process is Easy

We deliver our custom made leather jackets to the buyers’ doorstep using express shipping with 100% refund policy and lifetime guarantee.

Our products are highly affordable

While other brands’ products are costly due to the consideration of middlemen’s cut, marketing, warehousing and advertisement expenses, our products are affordable because we ship them directly from the manufacturer to the customer’s doorstep.

We Help the Community

With Karizma Leather, our customers get a significant price cut, and a fair share of the proceeds goes to the craftsmen who toil day and night working on these products.

At Karizma Leather, we go beyond business to give our customers the charisma they deserve!